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Rock Oil - Synthesis 4 5w50 Fully Synthetic - 1L

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Synthesis 4 Auto Engine Oil Range

With the introduction of the latest API and ACEA specifications Rock Oil has produced the Synthesis 4 Auto engine oil range which provides the ultimate in engine lubrication.

This range of products is suitable for fuel-injected petrol engines including those fitted with exhaust gas
recirculation (EGR) and Three-Way Catalysts (TWC). It is also suitable for turbocharged and intercooled direct injection diesel engines that are not equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).


    •    Outstanding thermal and shear stability
    •    Exceptionally low volatility
    •    Excellent control of engine deposits and blow-by contamination
    •    Superb wear protection
    •    Significantly reduces friction, releasing full engine power