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Rock Oil - Carbon 0w40 Fully Synthetic - 1L

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The Carbon Series marks a major breakthrough for not only the R&D team at Rock Oil but for the lubricant industry as a whole. Utilising the very latest chemical technology it promises to deliver performance and protection for high performance race and road engines.  Rock Oil has long supported motorsport in the motorcycle market and lubricated the engines of two world champions in 2013. This expertise and desire to offer only the best possible products has resulted in the development of the Carbon series.

The Carbon Series was subject to a vigorous and intense succession of development through both field-trials with motorsport partners such as Japspeed and extensive laboratory testing. Our vast experience in motorcycle racing ensures all products manufactured in our factory meet the exacting standards required at this level. The range consists of four viscosities 5W-30, 0W-40, 10W-50 & 10W-60, which between them cover all major engine applications in the high performance automotive market.