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Quaife Ford IB5 Sequential Gearkit

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Quaife Ford IB5 Sequential Gearkit

Please note this is a gearkit not a full gearbox. We can build this into a customer supplied gearbox for an additional labour charge.

QKE38Z is a five-speed sequential gearkit for the IB5 gearbox fitted to the Ford Fiesta, Focus, Puma and Ka Mk1. QKE38Z features a replacement Quaife outer gearbox tailcase which houses five power loss minimising straight-cut, close-ratio gears and a compact, drumstyle sequential gearchange mechanism. This combines with an open face dog design to ensure an ultra-rapid, positive sequential gear shift on QKE38Z.

Careful design by Quaife allows the QKE38Z to retain the original IB5 bellhousing half of the transmission casing, plus the stock Ford clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounting points. This enables easy installation of the QKE38Z sequential gearkit into numerous Ford models.

QKE38Z offers a choice of gear ratios sets and seven final drive options suited to motorsport top speed requirements.

A five-speed H-pattern dog engagement gearkit is also available, which features the same ratios as QKE38Z but fits directly into the original Ford IB5 gearbox casing.

Key features of the QKE38Z Ford IB5 five-speed sequential gearkit include:

• Five straight-cut, close-ratio gears with motorsport suited final drive ratios

• Ultra fast sequential gearshift

• Retains stock Ford IB5 clutch, diff, driveshafts and mounts

• Optional LED digital gear position indicator (QMLED) and Quaife ATB (QDF7Z) available.