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Newman Cams Turbo Cam 1.6 CVH 276/409T

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Newman Cams Turbo Cam 1.6 CVH 276/409T

***Must use with DNCF5120 solid cam followers***. Adjustable....

'The Best Turbo Cam Around' according to Newman Cams. Phase 4 sprint cam. Ground on Chilled Iron Blank. Essential to use with Newman DNCF5120 Mechanical Cam Followers. Must not be used with any other cam follower.

Power Band: 2500-6500rpm

Valve Lift: 0.409"

Duration: 276°

Timing Figures: 24/72/72/24

Inlet Timing: 114° ATDC

Valve Clearances: .008" inlet/.010" exhaust