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Jamsport Racing 1-1 Development Days

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Our one-one development days include sim training and a full day at Blyton Park with 1-1 instructing with an ARDS instructor.
If you can reach the pedals you can take part, our youngest driver being just 8 years old, these days are suitable for everyone, especially juniors wanting to be involved in the sport.
The cost of the day is £1595 + VAT
These sessions are one to one which allows us to ensure we tailor our coaching to suit each individual driver as we are aware everyones ability, experience and understanding is completely different. This gives you the ultimate chance to learn everything that is required to race and more! 
We begin with training on our in house simulators built by us. Sim training is important especially for beginners as it gives you experience behind a wheel and builds your confidence with no added pressure or responsibilities (we recommend you doing this the day before your day at the track). This will take place at our HQ in Northampton.

We then head up to Blyton Park for a day driving the car, this is again on a 1-1 basis with an ARDS instructor. They will talk you through the basics including braking, racing lines and spacial awareness and the advantage of the day being a private session means the pace is completely down to you!

Available dates:


- Tuesday 20th December

- Wednesday 21st December

- Tuesday 17th January 2023

- Wednesday 18th January 2023

- Tuesday 21st February 2023

Please include in the 'instructions for seller' box which date you require to avoid disappointment!


Your next step?

Once we are happy you’re ready the next step this would be to get your ARDS license!

This is the most important step as you must pass your ARDS test in order to receive your race licence. We are lucky enough to work very closely with the motorsport school and this is where your test will take place!

Once you have your race licence you are able to test at any UK circuits, we advise that you have as much seat time as possible before your first race.

Do you need a race kit/ car to take place?

No, we provide the car as part of the day and if you don't have a race kit please wear appropriate clothing, if you require to borrow a helmet please let us know prior to the day but of course if you do have a race kit please do wear it!