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Ford CVH Roller Rocker Set

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Ford CVH Roller Rocker Set

Roller Rocker Arms for the Ford CVH family of engines are designed to withstand the harsh environments of Motorsport and Modified Vehicles.



  • Billet Aluminium Arms
  • Hardened Steel Rollers
  • Needle Roller Bearings
  • Wear-resistant Anodized arms


  • Increased Arm Stiffness
  • Reduced Valvetrain Friction
  • Precision alignment
  • Long-lasting

These arms work with either hydraulic or solid followers.

Improved efficiency within the valve train comes from the reduced weight and the reduction in friction between the rocker and the valve/rocker, which reduces the side loads on the valve stem.

The billet aluminium arm increases the stiffness whilst reducing the weight. The hardened steel rollers reduce the friction between the valve stem and arm, and the follower and arm compared to the sliding motion of the standard arms. The needle roller bearing central pivot provides precision alignment reducing the play and rattle associated with a standard rocker and pivot.

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