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Focus ST & RS MK3 EcoBoost Mountune Oil Control System (Baffled Sump Kit)

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Focus ST & RS MK3 EcoBoost Mountune Oil Control System

Removing the crankshaft balance shaft assembly from the 2.0L EcoBoost engine frees up rotating mass and helps to improve engine response. The 2.3 EcoBoost in the RS already has the Balance Shaft Removed but doesn't have a Baffling within the sump so for hard-core enthusiasts using on Track this is a must.  

However, removing the balance shaft assembly alone can cause oil starvation issues during high G load corners and extreme driving because of the void left behind in the oil sump and simply installing a balance shaft delete alone can lead to engine damage in certain conditions, due to inadequate engine oil pressure.

The mountune Oil Control System includes an engineered baffled oil sump insert developed by mountune’s racing division that features one-way gates and diverters to maintain oil supply around the oil pump pick up. Also included with the kit is the specific balance shaft delete hardware. 

Validated under extreme conditions, the mountune Oil Control System is perfect for track day use or other hard driving conditions.


• CAD-designed baffle plate
• One-way oil control flaps
• Baffle easily bolts into place using standard webbing mounts
• Supplied with balancer shaft blanking plate
• Facilitates the removal of the balancer shaft


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