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Focus RS/ST MK2 Wiseco Piston Set 9.0:1cr

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Focus RS/ST MK2 Wiseco Piston Set

Wiseco forged pistons are ideal where the rev limit is going to be raised. When the rev limit is increased the stresses placed on the piston rise massively and it is in these situations when the forged piston will come into its own.

In addition Wiseco pistons also offer other benefits...

  • They have generous valve recesses allowing more cam options and valve choices.
  • They feature a Pressure Seal Groove for the best possible ring sealing
  • They come with their own dedicated rings for maximum compression and oil control
  • They have been brush de-burred to remove sharp edges from domes and valve pockets to help prevent detonation
  • They come with a unique skirt coating to reduce wear and friction
  • They benefit from Wiseco’s 67 years of experience as leaders in the Forged Piston industry.
  • This is a set of 5 pistons rings clips and pins ....with a 22mm pin so for an ST225 you will need new K1 rods to suit piston pin size
  • But if you use these for the mk2 Focus RS which they can be they are the correct pin size 22mm

Complete set of 5 pistons, includes all required pins, clips, etc.

Compression Ratio: 9.0:1

Bore Size: 83mm or 83.5mm (0.5 OS)