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Focus RS MK3 Dreamscience iMap

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Focus RS MK3 Dreamscience iMap

  • Colour Screen
  • Multiple vehicle tuner (see list for current supported vehicles)
  • On device live data logging
  • Fault code reader, fault code delete function
  • Remote update ability
  • Ability to hold generic and custom tunes
  • PC connect ability
  • Can be transferred to 5 vehicles as long as return to stock is performed on your vehicle
  • Windscreen mount available *not included

The Stratagem iMap™ is the latest and most innovative flash tuning handset brought to you by the tuning wizards at dreamscience. We have made this all possible by collaborating with one of the world’s largest and most successful Ford tuning companies SCT who are based in the USA.

The concept of the Stratagem iMap™ is to offer a simple plug and play, easy to use, attractive, yet multi-functional device that has the ability to offer customers a  wide range of Dreamscience’s own proven tune files, as well as having the ability to receive custom tune files from Dreamscience dealers worldwide.

 2 tune files wil lbe included on the iMap (standard car ran 341Bhp and 335FtLb)

Race 99 – This is for Shell V power or Tesco Momentum or better and produces 355Bhhp and 395FtLb of torque

Race 99+ - This is for Shell V power or Tesco Momentum or better and produces 377Bhp and 420FtLb of torque.