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Focus RS MK2 Auto Specialists Stage 2 CAIS

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Focus RS MK2 Auto Specialists Stage 2 CAIS

With power levels hitting 400+bhp and big Turbo's seems to be the next big thing, we have developed our product range to fall in line with the new power increases from tuners, our Stage 2 carbon air-box with has been designed for 400+bhp and currently being tested on a 550+bhp RS.
Test Results
Rolling road testing showed power levels increased by 5-8bhp compared to the Stage 1 carbon airbox
What's the Difference?
The top section was raised + blended to aid Air flow to the huge cone filter, the right hand side of the snorkel area was also enlarged and the underside of the snorkel section that joins into the lower section of the K&N filter was made bigger.
Can I have a choice in hose colour? Yes you can choice from - Frozen white, Ultra Green, Bright Blue, Gloss Black & Bright Red. Other colours are available on request.

Just some of the Carbon CAIS features

  1. Made from Genuine 2x2 weave Carbon Fibre with a high quality gloss finish
  2. Fitted with huge cone filter element
  3. Expect to see power gains of 10-20 bhp (Depending on spec of car)
  4. Noticeable difference in cars performance, smoother faster RS!
  5. 5ply 6mm thick quality silicon hoses used
  6. Proven on Rolling Road dyno's, Race tracks & Fast road 'It works'
  7. Comes completely assembled & ready to install in a matter of minutes

 Results taken from tests carried out @ Jamsport 27/11/10

  • Standard Airbox & OE filter - 380bhp
  • Standard Airbox with Performance filter installed - 388bhp
  • Ford approved Airbox lid/snorkle upgrade - 398bhp
  • AS carbon fibre CAIS fitted with k&n - 400bhp

The power figures only tell half the story.

road testing found a noticable improvement in the cars performance & power delivery, the dyno graphs showed the standard Airbox struggles to keep the power in the higher rev range, but when our New Carbon CAIS was fitted, it delivers the power smoothly all the way to 6500prm!