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Focus Mk3 RS Mountune Forged Connecting Rod Set

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Focus Mk3 RS Mountune Forged Connecting Rod Set

The connecting rod is one of the most highly stressed components within the engine and improved connecting rods are an essential upgrade for high power EcoBoost engines. 

Made in the USA by Carrillo to our specifications, each connecting rod incorporates our motorsport DNA to provide you with the ultimate component for your engine. Exclusive features include a robust, I – Beam configuration with extensive machining to optimize weight without reducing strength. All edges and corners are radiused to improve durability. 

As an added upgrade, mountune connecting rods feature machined tangs to securely locate the rod bearings. Compared to the factory press fit tangless bearings, this feature ensures improved bearing retention in high cylinder pressure and high RPM engines. 

Tool steel connecting rod bolts are also standard and are superior to most bolts found in other rods on the market. Silicone/bronze pin bushings provide a durable and low friction surface that remains dimensionally stable in high pressure and high RPM applications.

For use with mountune Forged Pistons and other pistons that use 23mm wrist pins. 


  • Pin size 23mm
  • 3/8" WMC Tool steel rod bolt
  • Nominal weight : 550g
  • Made in USA

Note: Sold as a set of four connecting rods.