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Focus Mk2 RS/ST Titanium Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit

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Focus Mk2 RS/ST Titanium Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit 

This is 12x  M8 x 1.25mm x 55mm Ti 6Al-4V stud, nut, and washer.

Use of factory exhaust manifold bolts and studs, especially with an aftermarket intake manifold or header/turbo system, can result in stripped or broken bolts and inadequate clamping force, resulting in leaks. Our studs look great and will allow you to properly clamp the intake or exhaust manifold to the cylinder head without experiencing sealing problems, stud/nut failure, or ugly and troublesome rust and corrosion.

Titanium studs are made of Ti 6Al-4V and incorporate a 3mm hex key tip that allows them to be easily installed using an Allen wrench. A Titanium 10mm 12-point nut and washer are included.

Titanium is ~45% lighter, stronger, and will not corrode like your stock steel bolts or studs! Each stud/washer/nut assembly weighs only 12g!

Available in raw or burnt titanium finish.

-Universal M8x1.25mm thread pitch fits many popular applications for intake and exhaust manifolds.