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Fiesta Mk7 ST Nortech Performance GTX Tubular Manifold

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Fiesta Mk7 ST Nortech Performance GTX Tubular Manifold

Introducing the Nortech Performance GTX tubular manifold for the Fiesta ST 1.6T.

This manifold was a joint collaboration, originally produced for use on the PERON STG4 GTX Gen2 turbo system but is now available as a separate item. It allows users to build their own externally waste-gated, V-Band turbo systems and will cater to a variety of set-ups.

Designed and fabricated in-house by our technical partners, this tubular manifold is beautifully crafted from T304 stainless steel. 

This robotically TIG-welded component features a CNC-machined billet merge collector, along with optimised primary dimensions and CNC-machined Nortech Performance signature head flange.

Not only does this bespoke manifold optimise exhaust gas flow, it also looks like a work of art.