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Fiesta Mk7 ST Airtec Motorsport Stage 2 Intercooler

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AIRTEC Motorsport Stage 2 Intercooler for Fiesta Mk7 ST180

As modifying the Mk7 Fiesta ST continues to be popular, we’ve introduced a new Stage 2 intercooler kit to slot neatly into our product range between our entry-level Stage 1 and track ready Stage 3 intercooler.

Ideal for those aiming at around the 300bhp mark and fast road or light track use, our Stage 2 kit features a 50mm core that extends up in front of the crash bar and can be fitted to standard boost pipes or the AIRTEC big boost pipe kit.

The kit therefore offers a great compromise in the ability to produce a significant cooling improvement over a Stage 1 intercooler, without having to bite the bullet for an all-out Stage 3 track intercooler package.

The replacement intercooler fits with very little modification, with only slight trimming to the inside of the bottom grille required in some applications where the original bumper may have sagged over time.

Full height core design gives the look and the performance on a smaller budget with good efficiency up to the 300bhp mark, ideal for those with hybrid turbos to keep those inlet temps down.


To better represent how the different intercoolers in our range work in real world conditions, we tested our Stage 1, 2 and 3 items on our development Fiesta ST track car at an independent dyno (WG Motorworks). This revealed that the Stage 1 and Stage 2 intercoolers initially show a similar and steady 20 degree increase in intake temperatures during an extended, loaded run, whilst the Stage 3 offers a lesser increase.

However, when viewed on the power graph, the Stage 2 demonstrated its bigger capacity over the Stage 1 and continued to make power while the Stage 1 became restricted. This ultimately allowed similar peak figures to the huge Stage 3 intercooler, due to the air flow characteristics.



Core depth: 50mm

Height: 370mm

Length: 580mm

Inlet and outlet: 63mm