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Fiesta Mk6 ST EBC Racing RP-X Racing Front Brake Pad Set

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Fiesta Mk6 ST EBC Racing RP-X Motorsport/Racing Front Brake Pad Set

**Tried & Tested in our Own Fiesta Cup Cars**

EBC Racings RP-X compound is an ultra-high performance track and race pad designed for performance vehicles driven hard on track and for dedicated race cars. RP-X has a very stable friction coefficient of 0.55 mu up to and beyond 850 C, making it an excellent performer for even the most demanding vehicle applications. RP-X also has a high friction level from cold, requiring no warmup to achieve maximum braking effect which makes this material well suited for sprint race and hill climb events. Although RP-X is not R90 homologated for use on the public roads in EU member states, the fact this material possesses excellent cold performance means RP-X can be safely used for driving to and from motorsport events where local laws permit. 
EBC Racing does however emphasise that RP-X has been developed for peak on-track performance, meaning higher levels of brake dust and brake noise should be expected. RP-X has comparable disc wear to many other popular track and race materials, however RP-X disc wear is considerably greater than EBC Racings other track pad RP-1 which results in high levels of brake dust. Compared to RP-1, RP-X has a 25 per cent increase in friction coefficient across its working temperature range with a much more positive initial bite. This characteristic potentially makes RP-X more suitable on heavy or inherently under-servoed vehicles. For light-medium weight vehicles, cars with non EBC Big Brake Kits fitted, or vehicles with no ABS, the less fierce nature of EBC Racings other track material RP-1 may be preferable.