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Fiesta Mk6 ST Drive-By-Wire Throttle Body Kit

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Fiesta Mk6 ST Drive-By-Wire Throttle Body Kit

Here we have the ideal Bolt-On, Plug & Play Throttle Body Kit for the Mk6 Fiesta ST. This kit does not require and additional ECU's or to be converted to Cable Throttle. The kit can be Bolted on within a few hours, and a tune loaded onto the ecu ready to drive. 

Power wise we have seen up to 210bhp on a stock engine car with other supporting mods i.e Full Exhaust System and Up-Rated Camshafts. 

Contained in the Kit is:

  • Throttle Body Kit with DBW Motor Built Up
  • Air Filter & Backing Plate
  • Brake Servo Booster Bar with Pipework
  • Fitting Kit

We can supply with a Tuning Box with Pre-Loaded Tune on for an additional cost, alternatively you can bring the car to us and we can do a custom tune on the dyno. Or for people running Plug'n'Play Standalone ECU's this can easily be mapped on this also.

For 210+bhp and higher compression engine a larger set of injectors would also be required we can be added to the kit for an additional cost.

PAS Relocation Kit is Required.

The Kits are built to order.

If you'd like us to also fit the kit we can do this in a day for you and map. Please contact us for Pricing.