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Fiesta Mk6 ST Cosworth Replica Inlet Plenum

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Fiesta Mk6 ST Cosworth Replica Inlet Plenum

Since the Cosworth inlet went up in price to nearly £960 due to their low volume production and now cancelled production, there has been a demand for a good quality value for money inlet manifold. 

These manifolds are a must on high flowing forced induction cars where the stock inlet manifold can become a limitation.

As most mk6 owners will know by now, these inlets were produced to use on MK1 Focus 2.0 duratecs which use cable throttles and also an idle air control valve. This means that 3 of the 4 throttle body holes line up but a forth one needs drilling & tapping. Also the IACV needs blanking off. This is identical to the cosworth inlets fitting requirements.

Comes with fitting kit - These are also modified in house so that you don't have to do any blanking once received and can be bolted straight on. These normally take a few days to process once order is received.