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Fiesta MK6 & MK7 Vibra-Technics Lower Torque Link

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Fiesta MK6 & MK7 Vibra-Technics Lower Torque Link

The standard torque link allows too much engine movement under performance driving conditions therefore we have developed this billet aluminium item fitted with uprated rubber bushes.

The bushes are designed to reduce the movement at the link from +/-10mm to +/-2mm. This will result in some increase in noise and vibration in the cabin. But the stress will be reduced on such items as exhaust system, intake system, drive shaft joints and gearchange and the car will have a much ‘tighter’ feel

When fitting the link the original support bracket must be removed from the original link and used on this part. Failure to do so could result in damage to the gearbox casing.

Available in Road or Race Bush Compounds