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Developed & manufactured at AIRTEC HQ in the UK, we’re proud to launch our ultimate-specification, billet-machined alloy chargecooler kit aimed at modified BMW M2 Competition/M3 & M4 for track or fast road use.

This offers an uprated cooling solution that’s above and beyond the ordinary direct replacements on the market.

The chargecooler has been designed to reduce charge temperatures and ensure they remain consistency low by resisting heat-soak, whilst retaining the OEM top mount location for simplicity. To make the best use of the limited space available with this project, we chose to precision machine the end tanks from billet aluminium to ensure a super smooth internal flow and a precise fitment in order to utilise the largest core that could fit.

It is the only uprated chargecooler for this engine on the market to feature billet CNC machined, larger and freer flowing end tanks, which feature internal deflectors to help improve air flow distribution across the full length of the core. The caps and connector plates are also machined from billet for a perfect fitment.

As a result, the comprehensive kit fits neatly under the bonnet and requires no modifications to fit, using the OEM dampened bracket and features the correct fittings to utilise the original boost and coolant connectors.


Why billet aluminium? 

We chose to make this from billet alloy for ultimate precision machining both inside and out, ensuring internal air-flow is directed accurately and precisely. In doing so, we’ve created a product that is unlike any other on the market externally, offering a cooling solution with proven results and an individual, high-quality appearance.



Our ultimate-spec chargecooler was tested back to back and data logged on a tuned test car fitted with Littco L640 uprated hybrid turbos producing 648bhp and 684lb ft.

With the OEM chargecooler in place, a power run from 2,000-7,500rpm would typically see an increase in charge temperatures of 39 degrees across the range.

With our ultimate-spec chargecooler in place, a power run from 2,000-7,500rpm would typically see an increase in charge temperatures of just 9 degrees across the same range.


Its proven cooling efficiency and straight forward fitment makes it an essential modification for all modified BMW M cars fitted with the S55 engine.


Fits the following models:

  • F87 M2 Competition ONLY – (10/2016 — present)
  • F80 M3 – (04/2012 — present)
  • F82/3 M4 – (02/2013 — present)

Please note, earlier non-Competition M2 models built before 10/2016 fitted with the N55 engine require AIRTEC part number: ATINTBMW4


Key features:

  • Proven cooling efficiency
  • Precision engineered free-flowing billet end caps
  • Larger core design for reduced heat-soak
  • AIRTEC engraved tanks and caps
  • Direct fitment with no modification required
  • Connects to all OEM fittings and fixtures
  • Comes complete with full fitting instructions
  • Available in Pro-Series Black or Natural Silver