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5-Cyl. V-Band stainless steel collector for Garrett GTX / G25 / G30 - with 44mm Wastegate port

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Looking To Build Your Own Manifold For Your Focus RS/ST, Then This Billet Collector Is A Great Choice.

CNC machined turbo manifold collector

Turbo collector fully milled from stainless steel

Full CNC machined stainless steel turbo manifold collectors. Perfect for turbo manifolds to achieve maximum performance! A milled turbo collector offers unbeatable advantages:

- For manifold manufacturer: The manifold collector is always exactly the same, providing a 100% accurate repeatability in one gauge manufacturing. This was not always possible with welded collectors due to tolerances and distortion during welding.
- For maximum performance: Because the turbo collector is machined from one block of CNC, there are no swirling edges, chamfers or steps that can negatively impact flow behavior.
- For long durability: These stainless steel manifold turbo collectors can not tear because of their one-piece manufacturing. Thus, a long durability is guaranteed even under heavy weight turbochargers, downpipes and exhaust systems.

Suitable for:
5-cylinder manifolds and turbocharger with non divided (single-scroll) V-Band flange turbine housing and external 44mm wastegate, for example V-Band inlet turbine housings for Garrett GT / GTX / GTX / GEN1 and GEN2 turbos:
Garrett GTX29 GEN I
Garrett GTX3071 GEN I and Gen II
Garrett GTX3076 GEN I and Gen II
Garrett GTX3576 GEN I and Gen II
Garrett GTX3582 GEN I and Gen II

Garrett G25-550
Garrett G25-660

Garrett G30-660
Garrett G30-770
Garrett G30-900

Garrett G35-900
Garrett G35-1050

Technical data:
Diameter WG- port pipe: approx. 42,4mm inside, 48mm outside
Inside diameter collector pipes: approx. 36,8mm
Outer diameter collector pipes: approx. 42,4mm
Length Collector: approx. 98mm (largest passage)
Outer diameter collector: approx. 116mm (widest section)