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1.6 EcoBoost Forged Short Motor

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1.6 EcoBoost Forged Short Motor

Here we have a Forged Bottom Assembled Ready to Go

This Includes the Following:

  • Ductile Liner Block, Honed & Faced
  • Forged Piston Set (Choice of Wiseco or Supertech)
  • Forged Conrod Set which include ARP 2000 Conrod Bolts (Choice of K1 or Supertech)
  • King Racing Big End Bearing Set
  • King Main Bearing Set
  • Crankshaft Polished and Oil Holes Radius'd 
  • Cleaned and Prepped Block
  • Oil Clearances Checked on Bearings
  • Ring Gaps Set
  • Sump Baffle (Optional)
  • New Rear Main Crankshaft Seal

All other Gaskets, Seals, Bolts, Cambelt & Waterpump Etc will need to be used from Existing Engine or can be purchased separately.