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1.6 EcoBoost Ductile Linered Block

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1.6 EcoBoost Ductile Linered Block

A weak point with the 1.6 Blocks is the Open Deck Liner Setup with Small Thickness Liners. 

These new Ductile Liners Eliminate this Weak point. The Block Is Professionally Machined to Take the New Top Hat Style Flanged Liners, which but together removing the gap between each liner. They will be Honed/Bored to Suit your Piston Size and the Block Face will be Machined to Ensure its Clean and Level

We will also Remove the OE Oil Gallery Plugs which are Rivetted into the Block, Drill & Tap the Hole and Fit a Removable Plug so you can Ensure the Galleries can be Clean Thoroughly before Assembly.

You will be required to send us your block either before for the work to be done or we can do on an exchange basis.  If you chose to send after the Core Surcharge of £480 will be Refunded upon Delivery and Inspection of your Block to Ensure it is in a useable condition.

**Please note this is just a Bare Block it Doesn't include Crank, Pistons, Rods or Bearings etc.**